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I guess it is only fitting that the first blog post I attempt gives me a headline exactly the same as Tiger Woods 21 years ago at the Greater Milwaukee Open–his first PGA Tour event as a professional.
Like Woods on that day, I am striking out on a new venture. I have always had an interest in sports ever since I can remember and now is my chance to get back to a passion of mine–writing.
This is my first website (powersportslawreview.com) and it combines a number of my interests and skill sets. I was a journalist for more than 12 years. I went to law school and received my degree along with certifications in Sports Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from Marquette University in May. My legal research ranged from Court of Arbitration for Sport cases to reviewing contract clauses.
More to the point and why exactly this website exists. I have been tinkering with the idea for a while–having blogged on international sports for the Marquette Sports Law Blog my last year in law school–and it got some of my creative juices flowing again. I was able to write about things that actually interested me and I was not stuck reading about another case that I had no real interest in. I’ve also been fascinated and intrigued by reading other blogs, most notably The Sports Esquires, The White Bronco and Sport Litigation Alert and seeing how they do things. Honestly, this is not about competition with them–I continually read their excellent work.
What this website will ultimately represent are a couple of things:
1. I miss adding my voice to the conversation. While I love to hear what others think and believe, I want to add my voice to the mix and challenge my own assumptions on things (that’s why there’s a comment section and my Twitter feed for direct feedback).
2. You would not believe how difficult the task was to just come up with a name: Power Sports Law Review. I spent hours upon days agonizing about the name and what I want this blog to represent. All four names in the blog represent something:
A. Power–To me, power represents what everyone in the sports industry wants to maintain or obtain more of. This ranges from collective bargaining agreements between players and owners to officials trying to referee the action on and off the ball. Just as power relates to Giancarlo Stanton or Aaron Judge crushing a home run, power can mean the ability to either effect change or maintain the status quo through force of will. My hope is that these articles help parse through some of the rhetoric and examine issues through multiple lenses.
B. Sports–It was likely the first love of mine and it still has a hold of me to this day. My mother reminds me constantly that when I was 2 years old, I could recite the starting lineup of the Milwaukee Brewers. Although my eyes are much clearer about the business of sport, it still stirs a passion inside me that influenced my career choices. I’ll never hit a home run and my golf game is solid but not spectacular. Yet the business of sport still stirs a passion in me that I want to examine further.
C. Law–Perhaps this element is the easiest to explain. This deals with everything from the rules of the game to the application of punishments and how private and public law either converge or diverge when it comes to sports. I hope to use this forum to bring up ideas of law and then either learn that I was thinking properly or that another avenue may be the proper one. Either way, I learn and grow.
D. Review–The review aspect comes from my time on two separate law reviews while at Marquette–Sports Law Review and Intellectual Property Law Review. While this won’t be as academic focused as what I did during law school, this blog will not just be my opinion of the situation (unless noted as a commentary). Rather, this will be the opportunity to examine issues that are currently going on and review decisions ranging from CAS Arbitration decisions to district court cases and everything between.
Overall, I just want to have fun with this. Sports are meant to be fun and just like Tiger’s smile on that day, I’m excited about where this venture takes me. I’ll be starting with blogging and then as things get going, seeing what additions or changes are needed. This could be podcasting, video blogging, having guest bloggers–the sky seems to be the limit. Let me know what you want to see.

Author: James Wold

I am a Marquette Law School graduate (2017), with a masters in Sport Management from Cardinal Stritch University (2013). Badger alum (UW-Madison, 2002) and a former journalist for the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen (2006-14) and the Monroe Times (2002-06).

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